• The Carnival Band

    Vancouver, BC

  • Os Siderais

    Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

  • Filthy FemCorps

    Seattle, WA

  • Guerrilla Fanfare Brass Band

    Northern Colorado

  • Secondhand Street Band

    New Orleans, LA

  • Artesian Rumble Arkestra

    Olympia, WA

  • BateBunda

    New Orleans, LA

  • Bayou City Blues Drum and Bugle Corps

    Houston, TX

  • Biohazard Brass Band

    Fort Sam Houston, TX

  • Emperor Norton’s Stationary Marching Band

    Somerville, MA

  • Environmental Encroachment

    Chicago, IL

  • The Party Band

    Lowell, MA

  • School of HONK

    Greater Boston Area

  • Ten Man Brass Band

    Seattle, WA

  • Austin Klezmer Bund Orchestra

    Austin, TX

  • Big Wy’s Brass Band

    Austin, TX

  • Boss Street Brass Band

    Austin, TX

  • The Collective Dischord

    Austin, TX

  • Dead Music Capital Band

    Austin, TX

  • Interrobang

    Austin, TX

  • Maracatu Texas

    Austin, TX

  • Minor Mishap Marching Band

    Austin, TX

  • Moon Tower Brass Band

    Austin, TX

  • The Numbers

    Austin, TX

  • Yes Ma’am Brass Band

    Austin, TX