What is HONK!TX?

HONK!TX is a nonprofit, community-driven festival that brings street and brass bands from around the country to perform for free in the public spaces of Austin, Texas. Mobile and unamplified, HONK! bands transform everyday locations into organic stages, dissolving the line between crowd and performers and inviting everyone to celebrate the joys of music and community. HONK! is a celebration of community, collaboration and creative expression. Join the revelry!

When is the HONK!TX Festival?

April 6 – 8, 2018 are the main dates, but we also have fundraisers and community shows leading up to the festival.
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Where is the HONK!TX Festival?

Austin, Texas. Friday is in the evening at Mueller Lake Park, Saturday is during the day at the Hyde Park area near Spiderhouse Cafe and Sunday kicks off with parades in East Austin followed by a band revue at Pan Am Park.
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How much does it cost and where do I buy tickets?

HONK!TX is 100% free for all to enjoy! Just show up and enjoy yourself! HONK!TX is entirely volunteer-run, so if you love HONK!, please show your support through a donation or sponsorship.
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Is HONK!TX family-friendly?

Yes! Music-lovers of all ages can enjoy HONK! There is also no age limit to be a volunteer or be in the parade.
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What kind of music will I hear?

A range of genres will be represented: New Orleans second-line brass, European Klezmer and Balkan, Brazilian, West African and more. HONK!TX showcases a different band lineup every year, featuring local favorites, a variety of bands from around the country, and the occasional international band. Who are you excited to see this year?
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